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The undeniable specialist for your transport to and from England and the United Kingdom

Vos has been the specialist in transport to and from England for over 40 years. Since the beginning of our import and export activities to and from England, we believed in the power of using our own equipment and our own ‘United Kingdom’ team. With these two vital links, we can offer consistently high flexibility, quality and efficiency with underlying sustainability for all your shipments to and from England. Likewise and rather unsurprisingly, we are also exceptionally well versed in transport to the Netherlands. Shipments from the British Isles back to the Netherlands are easily tackled due to our scale and warehousing activities, allowing customers that want to transport goods from England to the Netherlands to securely store goods at our bonded warehouses.

Vos Transport, the specialist to and from England

Besides handling all shipments to and from England with our own equipment and with our own UK team providing assistance with complex customs and clearance matters, we also use a number of permanent partners, strategically positioned in the supply chain. This enables us to ensure our fast lead times and provide our customers full-service transport from door to door.

This applies to all types of transport we offer. For example, we offer international transport to the UK in the form of LTL and groupage shipments. In doing so, we can support companies of all sizes in their import and export activities. These shipment options are also compatible with ADR transport. In addition, all shipments can be both accompanied and unaccompanied. Moreover, complex customs operations are facilitated or even completely unburdened by our UK team, should you wish to make use of their expertise.

The icing on the cake? For customers looking for a transport partner from England to the Netherlands, Vos Transport Group is also an experienced warehousing party. Are you looking for a bonded warehouse? Then we are also at your service.

UK transport

Vos advantages

We didn’t acquire the title ‘specialist in transport to and from England’ without reason. Vos Transport Group clients are allowed to set the bar high when it comes to trans-European transport.

  • Reliable and daily departures with fast lead times for transport to and from the United Kingdom
  • Transparent service for your shipments to and from UK with fixed contact persons with years of experience and expertise.
  • Efficient and flexible route planning when transporting from and to United Kingdom.


In addition, we offer many optional options. In case a customer requires it, we also offer:

  • Track & trace with ‘proof of delivery’ when transporting.
  • We also offer customised solutions when transporting to and from the UK.
  • You can track your transports yourself via our Portal.
  • CO2-neutral transport.
Unaccompanied Transport To And From England

Transport to England using our own equipment

How Vos Transport Group helps their customers?

With experienced planners and a modern and young fleet, we have grown into a household name in the market of transporting products to and from England. With over 25 departures per day to the UK, we are able to offer a very reliable, flexible and high-quality service by means of accompanied and unaccompanied transport. This applies to both complete loads and partial loads such as LTL and groupage transports.

Transport To And From England

More information or a quotation?

Would you like to know more about how we offer transport services to England or transport from England to the Netherlands? Then fill in the form below. Our specialists will then process your request as quickly as possible to provide you with more information. You can also fill in the form below if you would like to request a quote.

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