Dry storage

Arguably the most important part of any warehouse is the dry storage areas. Our warehouse in Alblasserdam totals a land area of 16.000 m2. In this area, we have created 18.000 pallet places solely for dry storage. The reasoning behind this, is double barrelled. Dry storage is typically used for food and non-food items, needing a temperature and moisture controlled environment for proper storage. These types of products are also those that have a quick lead time. That is why we have created the hub of Vos Transport’s dry storage facilities in Alblasserdam

The Alblasserdam warehouse has the best location for products that need to be shipped quickly, as it is located strategically between the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Moerdijk for naval shipping, but also is in close proximity to Rotterdam Airport for aerial shipments. This enables us to not only guarantee the proper storage of goods, but also the quick lead times.

How we handle dry storage

As previously mentioned, we have 18.000 pallet places for dry storage. These places have been divided into rack spots, shelves and on-ground pallet places. We offer our customers the opportunity to bulk-store goods in dry storage, as well. Using our Warehouse Management System, we register incoming and outgoing dry goods. Your products are therefore fully traceable, and your stock status is always up to date. This is only further enabled by our order picking method. We offer order picking services for complete pallets, as well as singular SKU’s in order to have complete stock management.

Value Added Logistics

Would you like us to take care of the complete logistic handling of your orders? Then make use of our Value Added Logistics. A small selection of the possibilities:

  • Carrying out gas measurements in containers
  • Sampling of packaged foods
  • Sorting, groupage, packaging and sealing of goods
  • Inventory management
  • Customs and warehouse activities

Would you like to know more about our Value Added Logistics and/or the possibilities of using our dry storage? Please contact us.