Domestic Transport

Vos Transport is specialized in domestic transport and distribution. This creates a perfect opportunity if you wish to transport and distribute your products domestically or within the Benelux region. Whether it concerns LTL distribution, groupage or contract distribution: Vos is your partner!

High-quality transport in the Netherlands

If you choose Vos Transport for any and all domestic transport, you will assure yourself of high quality services, all the time. You can also expect the following from Vos Transport during transport in the Netherlands:

  • Reliable and daily service with fast lead times during transport in the Netherlands.
  • Clear agreements and a transparent service.
  • Efficient and flexible route planning.
  • Customised, flexible solutions when required.

Aside from ‘regular’ transport across the Netherlands and Benelux, you can also contact us for specific forms of transport, for example heated transport, HACCP transport and the transport of dangerous goods (ADR freight). For the transport of dangerous goods (ADR goods), we apply the highest standards and transport according to domestic and international regulations. At VOS Transport, we hold sustainability in high regard. Thanks to our modern fleet of vehicles, our domestic transport also has a smaller CO2 footprint. We even offer our customers the option of CO2-neutral transport. Our goal is to continuously strive to improve our healthcare, safety and environmental objectives. We want to make a difference with our transport in the Netherlands.

Distribution Benelux

At VOS Transport we provide fast and efficient transport, also in the Benelux. We do this with our own distribution network, experienced drivers and modern communication tools. This way, your shipment reaches its destination within 24 hours. Trucks depart daily to various destinations within the Benelux. Upon delivery we always provide a delivery note with signature, so you know immediately that your goods have been delivered correctly. The cost of Benelux distribution depends on the type of cargo.

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International transport

Do your shipments need to go beyond the Dutch or Benelux borders? You can also use our services for international transport. As an international transport company, VOS Transport has proven that it can offer a unique transport concept. Reaching industrial areas in Europe requires smart and efficient methods. We want to bring suppliers and customers closer together under conditions that are as favourable as possible. Our way of working enables our customers to offer a high level of service to their clients. This improves their own competitive position. We manage all transport processes from our central platform (cross-dock) in Deventer. More than 100 trucks leave daily for various destinations within Europe. Our transshipment point is also located in Deventer. Here products and goods are stored, with full control over entry and exit.

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Domestic Transport

Dutch transport and more

VOS Transport has become a household name in the transport market. With experienced planners and a modern fleet, we are able to provide our customers with high-quality transport in the Netherlands and Europe. Together with you we look for the best way to transport your goods. Are you curious about what VOS Transport can do for you? Feel free to contact us. We will gladly take the time for you to be of good service.

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