Transport dangerous goods (ADR)

Concerning transport of dangerous substances (ADR), Vos Transport meets the highest industrial standards possible. In this way we can guarantee the safety of our employees, our surrounding area and our environment.

As management we take care of it that all our employees have the expertise to meet the standards for transport of dangerous substances (ADR).


This means:

  • Transporting all ADR-classified goods with the best possible care, conform national and international regulations.
  • Knowing the characteristics of ADR-classified goods (dangerous substances) and the dangers they involve.
  • Observing procedures and using means which meet the requirements of transport and storage of ADR-classified goods.
  • Training employees in working with ADR-classified goods.
  • Supporting employees in order to be sure that the activities take place as safe and consistent as possible.
  • Ensuring that we meet the minimum requirements in the field of transport and storage of dangerous substances.
Transport dangerous goods