Transport & distribution

Vos Transportgroup is the right place for transport and distribution both domestically and abroad. Our logistics services are fully equipped to deliver your goods to any destination in Europe, incluiding the United Kingdom. Our lines of distribution even ensure that we can deliver goods throughout the Benelux within 24 hours.

Specialist transport

For both international and domestic transport we have an entire arsenal at our disposal. An arsenal of transport, distribution and warehousing activities that is. Within our transport and distribution capabilities, we have specialist activities such as the transport of dangerous goods, as well as the transport of HACCP goods. We also ensure the transport is tailored to the route that the freight needs to take. An example is using our heated transport trailers to ferry goods across Scandinavia in the winter.

Specialist distribution

The transport of goods across Europe typically faces little to no hurdles. The story gets a little more complicated when talking about the import or export of goods into or out of non-EU memberstates. Furthermore, the difference between Schengen countries and those part of the European Union that are not Schengen countries results in all sorts of confusion. That is why at VOS Transport, we ensure our customers peace of mind by taking care of customs and clearance.

Moreover, as companies are constantly become more globalised, and outsourcing logistics helps with growth pains, we’ve identified the need for continuous distribution of goods. We understand that this distribution is preferably done by a trusted partner. That is why we offer our contract distribution services to those who wish to outsource their logistics.


Transport and distribution within the Benelux

Our distribution lines within the Benelux offer you the opportunity to deliver your shipments to your customer within 24 hours. We can provide support for any type of transport. This includes the aforementioned contract distribution possibility. Together we compile a list of the needs, demands and wishes and based on this list we create a complete, tailor-made distribution solution. In doing so, we pay attention to the industry and type of products, but also to your corporate identity and that of your customers.

Trucks voor distributie Benelux

International transport

At Vos Transportgroup, the borders are not drawn around the Benelux. We can support you with transport and distribution throughout Europe and to the United Kingdom. Our transport and distribution lines enable us to provide highly efficient transport. Whether it is contract distribution or regular transport, we always discuss your wishes in advance and ensure that your customers receive the goods based on the agreements we made.

Our lines offer the possibility to arrange transport and distribution to all countries within Scandinavia, various destinations within Eastern Europe and all countries within the United Kingdom. Due to the various options within Europe, we are able to offer you a suitable tailor-made solution in the field of transport and distribution outside the Netherlands or the Benelux.

Internationaal transport vanuit Alblasserdam

Related service

At VOS Transport we also aid our customers in driving costs down. One of the ways we do this is by participating in pallet exchange. In short, this practice involves the exchange of pallets between different parties in the supply chain. Pallets are used to transport and store goods, and are often standardized to allow for easy handling and compatibility with different types of handling equipment. In the pallet exchange process, one party delivers goods to a recipient on a pallet, and the recipient returns the empty pallet to the sender or a designated third party. This allows for the efficient transfer of goods without the need for the recipient to purchase or maintain their own pallets. Our role in this exchange is the transport of entire truckloads of pallets back to their designated recipient.

Pallet Exchanging With Vos