Pallet Exchange

In the Benelux and a number of surrounding countries a pallet exchange system is applicable. It concerns so-called euro pallets which are exchanged or balanced through a pool system.

Vos Transport tries to exchange the euro pallets on the loading- and unloading address as much as possible. In case exchange is not possible, our driver will write out a pallet bill. This pallet bill is signed by the client and he will also receive a copy of it.

Vos Transport cannot be held responsible for returning euro pallets if it concerns euro pallets which cannot be returned. In such a case Vos Transport does not pay a compensation.

On client’s request Vos Transport will keep a pallet registration. The pallet exchange system only concerns pallet exchange countries. Countries which do not join the pallet exchange system are amongst others: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, England, Spain and Portugal.