Sustainability is a central core value

Sustainability is an important core value within our company and Corporate Social Responsibility is inextricably linked to Vos Transport Group’s culture. With our CSR policy, we set concrete goals in the field of energy consumption, waste management, CO2 emissions, contributing to education and broadening our services to keep the social footprint of our company and our clients as low as possible.

VOS Transport Group expects both its employees and its suppliers to respect all relevant environmental laws and regulations and to set an example both in business and in private. Through developments, innovation and investment in new techniques, efforts are being made to minimise the carbon footprint.

There’s no success without the compliance and involvement of our staff, which is why Vos Transport Group puts a lot of energy into the well-being of its staff and the development of training programmes. In addition, our sustainability policy follows the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. For Vos Transport Group, this relates to the following goals:

Sustainable cities and communities

Despite not being our core business, we are looking at developing a Smart City hub with partners and the Municipality of Deventer to sustainably supply Deventer’s city centre.

We are also actively involved in the GROHW consortium. This is a collective of local companies and institutions where we join forces to accelerate the energy transition. GROHW stands for GReen Oxygen, Hydrogen and Wasteheat. Through Hydrogen, we can promote regionally sustainable mobility and through Wasteheat, homes or companies can be partially provided with heat.

Sustainable cities and communities

Responsible consumption and production

For Vos Transport Group, responsible consumption and production is woven into the corporate culture. This is expressed, among other things, through investments in sustainable innovative techniques and resources. But also in the company philosophy and personal behaviour, as laid down in our code of conduct.


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Climate action

For example, we use various intermodal solutions, large-scale use of HVO 100 and invest heavily in developing hydrogen trucks, sustainable warehousing and our own container terminal. With these measures, we try to offer our customers transport solutions with the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Besides investing in innovative techniques to reduce CO2 emissions, we are actively involved in Operation Clean Sweep and Lean and Green certified.

Climate action

Quality education

For years, we have been the regular transport partner for Nationaal Fonds Kinderenhulp and Kinderzwerfboek and have a strong partnership with the education sector.

We structurally invest in training our employees, offering learning paths and collaborating on the development of new and/or improvements to the existing training offer.

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Decent work and economic growth

VOS and its staff bear a social responsibility. This means that no gifts and gratuities for personal and/or business benefits are accepted. Business will be conducted fairly and honestly. Fraud, money laundering, bribery and corruption will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Fundamental human rights and working conditions will be respected. It follows from this that VOS and its staff will clearly speak out against discrimination, exploitation, forced labour and child labour.

These standards and values should ensure fair work, good working conditions and appropriate economic growth.

Decent work and economic growth

Good health and well-being

Vos Transport Group stands for preventing accidents and creating a safe and healthy working environment. Employees as well as suppliers are expected to perform all work in a proper and safe manner. Part of this policy is the explicit ban on the use of alcohol, impairing medication and drugs, as well as the implementation of Behaviour Based Safety; positively influencing behaviour through observation, coaching and communication.

Good health and well-being

Sustainable development goals

The environment and sustainability are key factors for VOS Transport Group. We’ve consistently shown our efforts through projects such as the CO2 neutral transport initiative for example. An initiative that shows our customers their carbon footprints and how Vos Transport Group can aid in lowering the impact our customer has on the globe. Are you interested in what VOS Transport Group can do for you? Get in touch or request a quote. Our experts are more than happy to help with any questions you may have.