Customs and clearance

The free trade between EU nations, has allowed export and imports to blossom. It enabled parties such as ourselves to freely ship goods across borders for our customers. However, there are a few nations in Europe that are not part (or at least in some capacity) of the European Union. These nations, such as Norway, Switzerland and some Eastern European countries still require formal documentation when exporting or importing goods.

These formal documents and the actual clearance of goods gives companies a lot of headaches. That is why we at Vos Transport are ready to help.

Vos Transport can assist in arranging import- and export to countries outside the EU-member states for you. In such a case we kindly request you to hand us the following documents:

  • Waybill
  • Commercial invoice in duplicate
  • Agreement or authorisation to act as direct representative.
  • Eur1 certificate or invoice declaration < €6,000 where applicable
  • Packing lists
ADR transport

Get in touch for customs and clearance

In order for us to assist in any and all cases of import and export, get in touch with us. Our specialists are ready to help with any queries you may be struggling with. Moreover, if you need to have transport arranged to the country in question, we can also aid in that. We offer a wide range of transport options from groupage, to LTL-transport, to FTL-transport. For Vos Transport, size and distance are never the issue.