Transport to East Europe

Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia and Bulgaria

Whether it is a pallet or a fully loaded truck, we make sure that your products are delivered to your customer within 48 to 96 hours. Since a number of Eastern European countries such as Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia and Bulgaria, entered the EU, these countries have undergone a development in logistics. To ensure that communication regarding transport runs smoothly, we work with planners who understand and speak the languages very well.

Features of our transport to East Europe

We deliver 90% of the shipments with our own vehicles. In addition, we use a number of trucks from permanent partners, which are strategically positioned at convenient locations. This ensures that we are able to deliver with fast lead times. These fast lead times offer you the opportunity to supply your customers efficiently, sustainably and reliably. We have many years of experience in the field of transport to and from East Europe. This experience is also reflected in the execution and services of the transport.

  • Reliable and daily service with fast lead times.
  • Delivery on route for 90%, so little overloading and a minimal chance of damage during transport.
  • Clear agreements and transparent service.
  • Efficient and flexible route planning.
  • CO2-neutral transport.

Transport and more

In addition to regular transport, we also provide heated transport, HACCP transport and the transport of dangerous goods. We offer competitive lead times for both partial and full loads. Thanks to our modern fleet, transport by Vos also benefits your CO2 footprint. Do you need transport within the Netherlands? You can also contact us for this. In addition to the transport options, we also offer a transshipment area. In Deventer, for example, we have a transhipment space of 10,000 m². Here you can store your stocks near the distribution point.

Costs of transport to East Europe

The costs of transport to countries in East Europe vary. They are determined depending on the type of transport and the destination. To get a clear price indication, you can request a non-binding quote.


Do you need transport to East Europe? Our drivers are ready for you! Our transport lines ensure a very efficient handling of the goods for your customers. Contact us or request a quote for your goods to be transported.

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