What is intermodal transport?

In intermodal transport, various means of transport are used for transport from A to B. The entire route is cleverly adjusted to the load. The route can be optimally deployed thanks to the combination of transport over water and land and through the air. It is also a flexible and sustainable way of transport.

Advantages of intermodal transport

VOS Transport aims to offer effective and sustainable transport options that are also cost effective. Intermodal transport corresponds with our ambitions perfectly. We opt for intermodal transport as a solution for strategic and alternative developments of our transport services. This diversity in transport is well adapted to the needs of our customers. Intermodal transport offers a number of great advantages:

  • Sustainable solution with a positive effect on your own CO² footprint
  • Less time lost due to traffic jams
  • Cost saving

Why VOS Transport?

We offer reliable, flexible and high-quality service. At VOS Transport we work with experienced and local planners who speak different languages. This way you can leave your transport up to us without any worries, both full and partial loads. We are at your service for intermodal transport:

  • Daily departures from Coevorden and Duisburg
  • Clear agreements and transparent services
  • Efficient and flexible route planning
  • Track & trace with proof of delivery
  • Customized solutions
  • You can monitor your transports via the VosPortal

Other services of VOS Transport

In addition to regular transport, you can also contact us for various other types of transport, such as heated transport, HACCP transport and the transport of dangerous goods. Are you looking for a transshipment space? We have a transfer point of 10,000 m² in Deventer. Products and goods are stored here so that you can store your supplies near the distribution point. This is of course done very efficiently with full entry and exit control.

Contact intermodal transport

VOS Transport is your partner for intermodal transport. Are you curious what we can do for you, or do you want to know what the costs of transport are? Please contact us or request a quote.