Transport to Finland

In the 1970s, Vos Transport specialized in transport to and from Scandinavia, including Finland. In Europe, This country is known as an industrial country. For Vos Transport, transport to and from Finland therefore is familiar territory.

Vos Transport Group – Transport Finland

Important import countries of Finland are Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and France. Vos Transport is also active in those countries, so that offers excellent possibilities for transport to and from Finland. The main industrial products are metal products, wood, paper, chemicals, electronic equipment and textiles.

The major industrial cities for import and export are the places like Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Turku, Oulu. We have specialized ourselves with the help of a modern and young fleet and experienced planners. As a result, we have become a well known name in the market for the transport of products to and from Finland.

Why Vos Transport?

We are happy to arrange regular, but also incidental transports to and from Finland for you. Our scale enables us to offer a very reliable, flexible and high-quality service for transport to and from Finland, with very competitive lead times. On site, we have been using a number of strategically positioned permanent partners for years. Their knowledge of Finland combined with ours offers the opportunity to deliver reliably, sustainably and efficiently throughout Finland.

Transport Finland

Transport to Finland, the main features

  • Reliable and daily service with fast turnaround times for transport to and from Finland.
  • Delivery for 90% on route, so little overloading and a minimal chance of damage during transport to and from Finland.
  • Clear agreements and transparent services for transport to and from Finland.
  • Efficient and flexible route planning for transport to and from Finland.
  • We also offer tailor-made solutions for transport to and from Finland.
Transport Verenigd Koninkrijk

Information about Finland

Area: 336,851 km2
Phone: +358
Population: 5.26 million
VAT: 24 %
Language: Finnish, Swedish
Currency: Euro
Capital: Helsinki
Country code: FI

In addition to groupage transport, we offer the following options:

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We are happy to be your partner for transport to and from Finland. Would you like to know more about the possibilities we can offer you? Please contact us. You can also request a quote right away.

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