In the 1970s, Vos Transport decided to become specialists in shipping goods to and from Scandinavia. This expertise included the transport to and from Finland. Although Finland is geographically and ethnically not Scandinavian, Finland is an important trade country for the Netherlands and Vos Transport. The various industries localised in Finland make it a crucial partner for Vos and her clients.

Vos Transport Group experienced throughout Europe

Finland’s critical import countries are Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and France. As it happens, Vos Transport is also active in these countries, which offers excellent possibilities for transport to and from Finland. The greater part of the shipments contain products such as metal products, wood, paper, chemicals, electronic equipment and textiles.

The major industrial cities for import and export are the places like Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Turku, Oulu. We are able to serve these industrial powerhouses using our specialized and modern fleet of vehicles and experienced drivers, planners and other staff. This specialization resuted in becoming a household name in shipping, distribution and transport to Finland.

Why choose Vos Transport?

We’re the partner for regular and incidental transport to and from Finland for your company. Our scale enables us to offer a very reliable, flexible and high-quality service for transport to and from Finland, with competitive lead times. Locally, we have been using a number of regular partners, strategically positioned for years. Their knowledge of Finland combined with ours gives you the opportunity to deliver reliably, sustainably and efficiently throughout Finland.

Moreover, our services provide more than ‘just’ transporting goods to Finland. Our vehicle fleet allows us to provide heated transport to Finland as well. Ideal for food companies or companies in industries where temperature control for the products shipped is extremely important.

It doesn’t stop there, however. Our warehousing capabilities provide the ideal storage and transhipment place for goods. The 50,000 m2 premises in Deventer can completely unburden even the largest parties. So even temporary storage and cross-docking is possible at Vos Transport. We make transport to Finland easy!

Transport Naar Finland

Transport naar Finland, the most important aspects

  • Reliable and daily service with fast lead times for transport to and from Finland.
  • Delivery for 90% on route, so little transfer and minimal chance of damage during transport from and to Finland.
  • Clear agreements and transparent service when transporting from and to Finland.
  • Efficient and flexible route planning in transport from and to Finland.
  • We also offer customised solutions in transport from and to Finland.
Transport Naar Finland Door Ervaren Bedrijf

Request a quote!

We would love to be your partner for transport to and from Finland. Would you like to know more about the possibilities we can offer you? Then get in touch with us. You can also request a quote right away.

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