Privacy Policy

The protection of your personal data is important to Vos Transport. The processing of your personal data (such as your name, address, phone number, our email address, gender or birth date) will always be performed in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and only for the purposes for which the data was provided and/or reason stated in this privacy statement.

The controller is Vos Holding B.V., with registered offices in Londonstraat 5, 7418 EE in Deventer, PO box 2120 7420 AC Deventer, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 08046021 (here in after called Vos Transport, we, us, our or ours).

Categories of personal data

For the purposes referred to in this privacy statement, Vos Transport processes the following categories of personal data:

  • Name
  • Country, city, postal code and address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Camera images from the company sites and buildings
  • IP-address and consent for cookies
  • Other data that you provide Vos Transport with, for instance in your resume or in your application letter

For the purposes described in this privacy statement, we are processing personal data based on your consent, based on the performance of a (transport) agreement (if you are a private person), based on legal obligations (such as tax obligations), on the public interest and on our legitimate interest. If you have given your consent for the processing of your data, you can change this consent anytime.

Request for an quotation and price calculation
When asking for a non-binding offer for transport, you will be asked for your name, the company for which you work, your email address and your phone number. In addition to that, for the price calculation you will be asked for the postal code, the place and the country of the recipient and of the sender. We will do our best to send you an offer in your email, within 72 hours. If you want, we can also send you the offer through regular mail. You phone number will be used to ask questions about the quotation (request).

If the quotation isn’t accepted, it will be deleted when the offer doesn’t apply anymore (after 2 months). If you accept the offer, the data will be kept for 5 years, as a proof for legal claims resulting from the agreement.

When asking for an offer, you have the possibility of filling in remarks. In this section, you can also send us your personal data. We are processing these data because you have provided them to us voluntarily. We will handle your data with due care and we will only process them if this is necessary for the offer or for a possible agreement. The legal grounds for this data processing is your consent and/or our legitimate interest.

Logistic services
If you ask for a shipment or you accept an offer/quotation, then we process your data for performing the transport agreement.
Vos Transport will only disclose the strictly necessary personal data for logistic purposes such as loading and unloading address and contact information. In the loading and unloading instructions we can process the name of a contact person or a phone number. This processing is necessary for the performance of a transport agreement and is covered by our legitimate interest. This strictly necessary processing of data also applies when deploying charters (deployment of transport to another transport company).
If required, we will send you an email for confirming your transport order. If you have indicated that you wish to do so in this confirmation email, you can view the status of your transport order by accessing our Track & Trace system. Vos Transport also processes the status of charters in their Track & Trace system.

Vos Transport mainly uses e-invoicing, which means that we will be sending you our invoices by e-mail. In some cases, we will also send our invoices through mail. Shipment, client and invoicing data will be kept in compliance with the legal retention periods.

Web portal
The web portal registers and remembers data that you fill in: your name, the company you work for, the e-mail address, phone number, the above-mentioned loading and unloading instructions when you log in. These data will only be processed for performing transport orders or for sending notifications about the system, such as the technical status for updates or failures.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a standard electronic data interchange of business data between computers. Vos Transport uses EDI for transmitting data for logistic Service Provisioning. Vos Transport sends orders, invoices and confirmations via EDI. Orders contain loading and unloading instructions that can contain a name or phone number as reference.
These personal data are used on the legal basis of the legitimate interest of Vos Transport.

Job application
On our website and by mail (at you can apply for job openings within Vos Transport. You receive a mail confirmation of your application when you apply for a job using the website.
When applying for a job, we process your name, email address, phone number and all the data that you send us in your resume and in your motivation (e-mail). We keep job applications for at most 4 weeks after the application procedure is completed.

When you apply for a job, you can give is your consent to keep your data longer than this term, in case a suitable vacancy arises in the future. We will keep your data, with your consent, for at most 1 year.
If you have given your consent to this, you can withdraw it anytime you want.

The specified references can be contacted at the specified contact data, under our legitimate interest.

For job applications we use the Warning Registry in the Logistics (WLS). This is a registry in which affiliated transport companies report former employees who were fired because they committed a criminal offence. The grounds for being allowed to access the WLS is the public interest. The use of the WLS is approved by the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Our website ( uses cookies to optimize the website, to keep track of how often the website is being visited and for marketing purposes.
Cookies are small text files saved on the hard disk of your computer, tablet or phone, which log data.

We only process unnecessary cookies with your consent. If you refused cookies on our website then, based on our the legitimate interest, we only process the cookies that are necessary for a functional website and we log anonymous visitors statistics of our website.
Your choice for consent will be remembered, because you are recognized by your IP address. The last 3 digits of your IP address will not be retained for this purpose. Your IP address and your consent / refusal will be kept for 30 days.

A list of the cookies used by our website can be found in our cookie policy.
You can also change your consent for our cookies here and you can read how you can change the cookie settings per browser and how you can delete all the cookies from your computer, tablet or phone.

Among other things, Vos Transport uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics processes the IP address of the website visitor anonymously and no data are being shared with Google.
The anonymisation of Google Analytics means that Vos Transport may place these analytics cookies without consent.
If you don’t want Google Analytics to process your data (opt-out), then you can download the following browser plugin.

Google Maps
On our website you will find interactive maps of Google Maps. This way, using our website you will have access to the possibilities offered by Google Maps. By using interactive maps, Google obtains the following information: type and version of the browser you are using, operating system (such as Windows 10), the subwebsite through which you are using Goolge Maps, the previous website you have visited before using Google Maps, the date and time when you used the website, the IP address that you used, the Internet service provider that you used.
This information is collected regardless whether or not you have a Google account.
If you are logged with a Google account, then the information processed is associated with your Google account. If you want this information not to be saved to your Google account, then before using Google Maps application you must log out of your Google account.
Google uses the information obtained for advertising purposes, for market research and/or for structuring the website of Google.
You have the right of objecting to this processing (automated profiling) of your data. To object, you must contact Google.

The legal grounds for collecting your data are the legitimate interest of Google. Google can process your data in the US, Google is allowed to do so based on the EU-US Privacy Shield. For more information we refer you to the Privacy statement from Google.

You can be filmed when visiting our company sites. Vos Transport has installed cameras for securing their sites, for deterring fraud and for securing their work processes. Vos Transport has a legitimate interest in deploying camera images and there is a public interest in deterring fraud.
Camera images will be retained for at most 4 weeks after the images were taken. If there is an incident, then the camera images will be retained until the incident is solved.
Camera images can only be viewed by a limited number of employees.

Social media
Our website uses social media plug-ins (the social media icons of Facebook, on the bottom right side of the website, for instance). These plug-ins collect no personal data when you visit our website. If you click these plug-ins you will be redirected to the social media pages of Vos Transport. We cannot guarantee which of your personal data are collected on these websites to which Vos Transport redirects you. By clicking these icons or other hyperlinks, your data might be processed outside the EU, for instance in the US. Vos Transport is not responsible for compliance with the privacy legislation of the site to which you are redirected on our website or on your social media pages.

Vos Transport is free to use data that you share with us or publicly, via social media. In case of a job application, we can look at your public data on social media such as LinkedIn.

Contact and e-mail
Our website has a contact button. In addition to that, on the website references are made to
e-mail addresses at which you can contact us.
By clicking these email addresses, the email software on your computer is activated and you will be invited to send an email to a specific email address.

We process the (personal) data that you send us via these systems with your consent and only to respond to your email. For answering your email, your message can be shared within the organisation.
Depending on the contents of the email, we could use your email for other processing purposes described in this privacy statement.

If you have asked for an quotation, if you are/were a client of ours or if you provided your data to Vos Transport in other ways (via the website), we can use your data to approach you for (direct) marketing purposes.
In addition to that, we can use your data that are public, for instance on social media, to approach you for (direct) marketing purposes.

If your data are used for marketing purposes, we will keep your data for a period of up to 2 years after we last contacted you. If you have indicated that you didn’t want to be approached by us, we will delete your data within 1 month.

Vos Transport uses Leadinfo. Leadinfo uses the IP address of the website visitor to obtain company data from open sources such as the Chamber of Commerce. The IP address can be personal data under the GDPR, and the use of an IP address requires legal grounds under the GDPR. The grounds used are “own legitimate interest”. In this regard, Vos Transport may not work with personal data without consent, unless this serves a clear interest and Vos Transport takes privacy into account. Leadinfo only uses a very limited quantity of personal data. IP addresses will not be retained and only the general business information about companies will be provided to Vos Transport. This way, privacy is complied with in an adequate manner. If the business website visitor doesn’t want Vos Transport to identify the business website visitor, the business website visitor can block the company name by sending an email to with the following contents:

Subject: opt-out


Company name: (your company name)

Chamber of Commerce number: (your COC number)

Retention periods
We will apply the relevant statutory retention periods. In principle, we will retain data about our logistic services for legal claims for the Dutch statutory prescription period of 5 years. Your data can be kept for a longer period to comply with our fiscal retention period of 7 years.
For data for which no prescribed retention period applies, we can apply a retention period of 2 years from the date when these data were last used.
Our files and folders will be cleared periodically.

Sharing personal data
For administrative operations we can share your personal data within our group with offices in the Netherlands, Romania and Lithuania.
In addition to that, we can grant our accountant access to your data or for other technical, certification or auditing purposes. We grant our accountant access to data based on a fiscal legal obligation and based on our own legitimate interest.

Vos Transport will only share your personal data in cases when this is strictly necessary, for example when the sharing is necessary for performing an agreement or when a legal obligation exists, when a supervisory authority such as the policy or justice department ask for your data.
Vos Transport can use personal data for declaring a criminal offence, under the public interest.

Under their own legitimate interest, Vos Transport can collect and use personal data for initiating, substantiating and executing legal claims or for the out-of-court resolution of legal claims. Personal data collected for these purposes can be shared with legal aid, if the case may be.

For carrying out all our activities, we use cloud services for email and back-ups. These cloud services are outside the EU and are always appropriately secured.
If your data are redirected, this always happens with the adequate security measures.
Your data will only be used for purposes described in this statement.

Vos Transport protects your data against unauthorized or unlawful access, processing, loss or damage of your data.
Vos Transport takes adequate technical and organizational security measures to make sure your data are always properly secured at the level of the applicable laws and regulations. Among other things, Vos Transport does this by securing your data using encryption, back-ups, a firewall, by only providing access to your data and the possibility of processing them to the relevant employees. In addition to that, all employees are bound by confidentiality.
Vos Transport will see to it that all the organizations that process your data also take the adequate measures, by closing agreements with these companies and by performing checks.

The website and our logistic services are not aimed at minors.
In some cases, Vos Transport will expressly ask for the consent for using certain personal data. If the person that has given consent is under 16, then that person needs the consent of a parent or tutor for processing their personal data. The parent or tutor who has the rights below can always ask Vos Transport to have the provided data deleted or to make use of other opt-outs.

Your rights
Based on the GDPR, you have a series of rights to exercise control over your personal data. These rights are:

  • The right to access your personal data
  • The right to rectify incorrectly processed personal data
  • The right to limit or cease the processing of personal data
  • The right to be forgotten, to have your personal data deleted
  • The right to object to a certain processing of your personal data
  • The right transfer your personal data to another party

The right to have your personal data deleted doesn’t apply for personal data that must be retained based on a legal retention obligation.

To be able to use your rights, you can contact us at or you can call +31 570-67 89 89. If you have a complaint about how we process your personal data, you can contact us using the addresses above here or you can submit a complaint to the supervisory authority. For Vos Transport, lead supervisory authority is the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Vos Transport retains the right to make changes in our privacy statement. That is why you should regularly check our privacy statement.

Our most recent version of our privacy policy is that of September 11, 2018.