Value Added Logistics

Aside from our transport and warehousing services, Vos Transport also offers more extensive services. These services are part of our Value Added Logistics. This entails that we take care of the complete logistic handling of your order. So we take care of the transport, storage and maintenance of your goods from A to Z. We go that extra mile to meet your needs and wishes. This is what makes Vos Transport your trusted partner in transporting and storing your goods!

Endless possibilities with Value Added Logistics

The services we offer under our Value Added Logistics are very divers. For example, your products are packaged, registered with packing slips and then transported to their final destination. Of course, you can track your goods with Track & Trace. Thanks to our automated system, your products are visible and traceable in real time at any time. These activities are carried out by highly experienced teams using processes that we review and establish with you in advance, so that everything is clear to everyone. Value Added Logistics capabilities include:


  • Providing gas measurements in the container
  • Sampling of packaged foodstuffs
  • Sorting, groupage, packaging and sealing of your goods
  • Stickering and labelling your goods
  • Sending EDI messages
  • Inventory management
  • Cross docking
  • (Customs) warehousing activities
  • Maintaining short lines of communication throughout the logistics process

The overview above should give you an impression of what we could do for you. Our flexibility is anchored in our small scale. As a result, communication is fast, simple and concise. This enables us to think in terms of concept customization and solutions per customer, resulting in the best possible service.

Value Added Logistics By Vos Transport

Even more possibilities

Besides Value Added Logistics, VOS Transport can also provide full inbound and outbound warehousing. We have 18,000 pallet spaces for dry storage. Do you have goods that require refrigerated storage? No problem at all, as our warehouse in Alblasserdam has over 4,000 pallet locations for cold storage. We meet all food safety, hygiene, security and safety requirements through various certifications, including ISO9001, SKAL, and BRC.

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