Passion for transport

Vos Groningen was mainly established to be well represented locally and to be able to speak to customers locally and to offer a direct service with people who speak the language. For this reason, the Vos Group opened a location in Groningen on October 1st 2009 with people from the region, who know the area well. A number of prominent Vos customers were already established here and we have noticed to this day that it functions very well.

Several customers from the region are served from our location in Groningen. The core activity of our office in Groningen is serving the market from the Northern part of the Netherlands to Western and Eastern Europe.

Vos Groningen is specialized in organizing transport to and from France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. You can contact them for all your groupage, LTL and FTL shipments.

In addition to these destinations, we also provide transport to all other countries within Europe in collaboration with our colleagues from Deventer and Ittervoort. This is possible with your transport to and from Scandinavia, the Benelux and Germany. The Vos Group locations in Deventer and Ittervoort are very strongly represented in this area, so you can go to Groningen for almost all your transport solutions. We can also offer you intermodal solutions in Scandinavia by using the train in Coevorden. This has a positive influence on your CO2 performance ladder. Good service and fast turnaround times are always paramount and by taking advantage of each other’s networks, we can offer this to you.

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The fleet we use for this consists entirely of Euro 6 tractors and all our tractors are equipped with high-quality IT solutions. Our fleet meets the latest environmental requirements, and we are therefore well prepared for the future. With a financially healthy balance sheet, Vos Transport has experienced steady growth in recent years. This has enabled us to strengthen our market position and further expand our range of services. This makes Vos Transport a professional business partner in transport and distribution.

Vos Groningen Transport