Passion for transport

Our location was founded at the end of 1950 by Mr. Wilms. It started with a few cars and our company quickly grew into a versatile regional transport company. Further growth took place in the 1980s. We continued to focus on general cargo transport, and we have proved to be a reliable partner for many regional clients. In the 1990s, we further expanded our distribution network to surrounding countries such as Belgium, Germany and France.

In June 2012, our company was taken over and became part of Vos Transport B.V., with its headquarters situated in Deventer. This has enabled us to develop further into a stable, sustainable company with a financially healthy balance sheet. This with employees from the area and with knowledge of the regional market. Several customers from our region are served from our location. Furthermore, Vos Limburg specializes in organizing transport to and from the Benelux, Germany and France.


In addition to these destinations, we also provide transport to all other countries within Europe, in collaboration with our colleagues from Deventer and Groningen. Good service and fast turnaround times are paramount and by taking advantage of each other’s networks, we can offer this to you. The fleet we use for this, consists entirely of Euro 5 and 6 trucks and all of our trucks are equipped with high-quality IT solutions. Our fleet meets the latest environmental requirements and we are therefore well prepared for the future.

Vos uit Limburg