The history of Vos Transport starts in 1947 in Apeldoorn. During the post-war reconstruction Mr. Vos started an own transport company, with one truck. The company grows into a full transport company fast.

In the seventies Vos Transport specializes in transport to Scandinavia. Business is flourishing: the number of employees steadily grows and the fleet keeps expanding. In the nineties Carel Vos and Dick Vos take over the company. Together they lead Vos Transport to the 21st century. Vos Transport further expands thanks to the commitment of Carel Vos, Dick Vos and Jerome Vos.



Since 1st June 2009 the management of Vos Transport has consisted of Jules Menheere (General Manager) and Jerome Vos (operational manager). In the meantime Vos Transport has expanded its service in the field of transport and distribution enormously and is considered to be a healthy and stabile company. A company which has proven itself and has become a main player in the modern transport world.

History Vos Transport


  • 1947: Foundation of Vos Transport BV in Apeldoorn for national transports.
  • 1970: Start of international transports to Scandinavia
  • 1986: New location Zwaansprengweg Apeldoorn.
  • 1988: Foundation Vos Expeditie BV, UK-specialist.
  • 1997: New corporate identity Vos Transport BV: Arrow as symbol of progress.
  • 1998: New location Nagelpoelweg Apeldoorn with modern transhipment area.
  • 2000: Take-over of Tabor Transport, Benelux distribution specialist.
  • 2004: Take-over of Frentz Transport Renkum, Germany and France specialist.
  • 2006: Move to Deventer, 10.000 m² cross transhipment area and 15.000 m² terrain.
  • 2007: Vos Transport takes over the Scandinavia department of Tielbeke, Lemelerveld
  • 2009: Vos Transport completely switches over to Euro 5
  • 2009: Jules Menheere new General Manager of Vos Transport
  • 2009: Purchase of 25 new Daf XF105 trucks
  • 2009: Opening new branch in Groningen
  • 2010: Vos Transport rewarded with Lean & Grean Award
  • 2011: Purchase of heated box trailers and M-trailers
  • 2011: Vos Transport rewarded with Graydon Award
  • 2012: Vos Transport receives first Euro 6 Scania
  • 2012: Vos Transport rewarded with Best Managed Company Award
  • 2013: Vos Transport receives first LZV trailer
  • 2013: SQAS assessment received
  • 2013: Vos Transport opens truckwash and machanical workplace
  • 2014: Start intermodal transport
  • 2015: Covenant with the tax office
  • 2016: Installation 1300 solar panels make location Deventer CO2 neutral
  • 2017: Vos Transport rewarded with 2nd Lean & Green Star
  • 2018: Tapa certification
  • 2020: Opening branch in Alblasserdam
  • 2020: receiving 3rd Lean & Green Star
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