In addition to actually transporting goods across borders, the warehousing of goods is the most critical part of the supply chain. Whether it’s using a warehouse to store goods for distribution at a later date, or using cross-docking facilities, warehousing is an important aspect to consider for any company looking to import and export. Therefore, choose Vos Transport Warehousing.

Divided over our locations in Deventer, Ittervoort and Alblasserdam, we have approximately 50,000 m2 of warehouse to use for transshipment and distribution. This not only offers clients with large quantities of goods sufficient space for storage, but also companies needing storage near transport hubs such as the port of Rotterdam and the Belgian and German border the possibility to transport goods quickly.

Certified storage

You can also contact us for handling (biological) food and non-food. At Vos Transport we are certified for storage of such goods. These goods are usually stored in our largest warehouse in Alblasserdam, which is situated between Rotterdam harbor and Rotterdam Airport. This because there is enough space, and there are the most available temperature controlled warehouses.

Various services

Vos Transport Warehousig includes various services. We are very flexible and like to think with you in finding a customized solution.

– Inbound and outbound

We at VOS can take on your complete inbound and outbound warehousing. This means that we accept the products from the supplier/manufacturer, manage your stock and then ship it to the end customer. Our Warehouse Management System records the inventory of your goods. This ensures real-time visibility and traceability of your inventory.

– Dry storage

The warehouse in Alblasserdam has 18,000 pallet locations for dry storage. The pallet locations are located on racks, shelves and ground locations. Dry storage is also registered in the Warehouse Management System. The products are therefore always traceable. We also offer order picking at pallet and piece level. Here we apply the first in first out rule.

Warehousing Vos Transport

– Cold storage

In addition to dry storage, the Alblasserdam location also has 4,000 pallet spaces for cold storage. The temperature in our cold storage is always between 8 and 10 ºC. Because we can maintain a constant temperature it is also possible to store temperature sensitive products. We can maintain this constant temperature because we work with short supply lines to our cold store, using separate docking stations. In addition, we are certified in the areas of quality management, food safety and bio-control. Quality and reliability are high on our priorities.

– Value Added Logistics

In addition to our transport and warehousing services, we can do even more for you with our Value Added Logistics. Components that are covered here include: gas measurements, sampling of packaged foods, sorting and sealing of the goods, stickering/labeling and inventory management.

We are happy to think along with you in finding a solution that best serves your needs.

– Bonded Warehouse

Vos Transport transports goods by sea, air, road and rail to clients all over the world. From our warehouses you can also use our customs warehouse. This is designed to temporarily store or transit your goods to the destination country without paying import duties and VAT. Our customs experts take care of all customs formalities, so we can relieve you of all your worries. With storage in our bonded warehouse it does not have to be clear in advance what the final destination of the goods is.

Flexibility first

Our flexibility is anchored in our scale: low-threshold communication and short lines make it possible to think in terms of customization and solutions. We meet the strictest requirements in the field of food safety, hygiene, security and safety, including ISO9001, SKAL and BRC certification.

Vos international transport

Contact us for warehousing

In short, our years of expertise in the entire supply chain have made us one of Holland’s most trusted partners in both transportation and warehousing. Our customers can enjoy luxuries such as temperature-controlled storage, bonded warehousing, inbound and outbound logistics and value adding services so that cargo is always optimally stored. These services can be expected at all times, in all warehouses. Thanks to our decentralized warehousing, all our customers can expect the optimal location for their freight. Are you looking for a logistics and warehousing partner that can solve all supply chain problems? Then contact our specialists! They will draw up a customized plan to solve your warehousing problems in no time.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Phone: Deventer (+31)570-67 89 89, Ittervoort (+31)475 – 439200, Alblasserdam (+31)78-691 7738

Email: info@vosdeventer.com

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