Transport Lithuania

To and from Lithuania

In the market for a party to handle your transport to and from Lithuania? Vos Transport is one of the fastest growing transport companies in The Netherlands and gladly offers a plethora of solutions. Every week we load and unload freight in the Baltic state, known for its unique culture and its six ‘free economic zones’. For international transport from or to Lithuania, Vos Transport is your partner.

Transport to Lithuania – what are the options?

International transport to Lithuania is a broad concept. Which is fine with us, because a broad concept is exactly what we can handle at Vos. Possibilities include and vary from warehousing to customs clearance and dangerous goods to heated transport: we take care of everything for you, before, during and after transport to Lithuania. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Transport Lithuania

Introducing: Lithuania

As the lower of the three Baltic states, Lithuania is a fairly central point, even in the transportation world. Sometimes the country acts as a conduit, especially when transport needs to be moved through the west and south to Riga or Talinn. Vilnius, which is close to the Belarusian border, is its capital. Since 1990, which marked the end of Soviet occupation, Lithuania became all the more attractive for transportation.

As mentioned above, Lithuania has special economic zones: the free economic zones. Foreign investors have to pay less tax here. Partly for this reason, the demand for international transport to and from Lithuania has increased exponentially.

Transport Lithuania

What can you expect?

Several times a week, our lorries travel to and from Lithuania. For both Full Truck Load, and Less than Truck Load you can use our services. That’s one of the several advantages that Vos Transport offers.

  • We customise our services, according to your needs and wishes;
  • We keep you informed of the ETA and use only experienced and professional drivers.
  • Moreover, we are available 24/7 for any questions.
  • We have competitive rates for road transport.
  • Optimized route planning. Traffic jams, dangerous roads, detours … we keep a close eye on everything, so that your transport to Lithuania will be as fast and safe as possible.
Transport Lithuania Vos

Contact regarding international transport from or to Lithuania

Vos Transport takes care of all transport to and from Lithuania in an efficient and safe way. Would you like to transport your goods from A (any European country) to B (Lithuania)? Let us know. We will come up with an adequate solution and nice quote. So feel free to contact us!

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