Transport to and from Scandinavia

We are your Scandinavia specialist!

Do you want to transport your products efficiently, safely and sustainably to and from Scandinavia? Then you have come to the right place! We started our first transport activities in Scandinavia more than 60 years ago. We have now become an indispensable part of this market and have grown into a real specialist for your transports to and from Scandinavia. We have been deployed for years by several large clients in Europe, including Retail, Automotive and Fast-moving Consumer Goods.

Why Vos Transportgroup for transport to Scandinavia?

We offer very competitive lead times through various transport solutions. 90% of your orders are delivered in Scandinavia with our own vehicles. In addition, we have been using a number of strategically positioned permanent partners in Scandinavia for many years. This enables us to deliver through very fast lead times. This also offers you the opportunity to supply your customers very reliably, sustainably and efficiently throughout Scandinavia.

Denemarken Distributie

Advantages of Vos

  • Reliable and daily service with fast lead times throughout Scandinavia.
  • Intermodal transport possible, which has a positive influence on your own co2 footprint.
  • Delivery for 90% on route, so little overloading and a minimal risk of damage during transport to and from Scandinavia.
  • It is possible to use double drivers. This results in very short lead times and a high degree of security, which can be interesting, for example, when supplying high-value consumer goods.
  • Clear agreements and transparent services for transport to and from Scandinavia.
  • Efficient and flexible route planning for transport to and from Scandinavia.
  • Track & trace with proof of delivery for transport to and from Scandinavia.
  • We also offer customized solutions for transport to and from Scandinavia.
  • You can monitor your transports to and from Scandinavia yourself via the VosPortal.
  • During winter we offer options for heated transport for your shipments to and from Scandinavia.
  • CO2-neutral transport.

What can Vos Transport do for you?

With experienced planners and a modern and young fleet, we have become a well known name in the market for the transport of products to and from Scandinavia. Our scale enables us to offer a very reliable, flexible and high-quality service for transport to and from Scandinavia with a large number of daily departures with very competitive lead times. This applies to both full loads and partial loads. The specialist… that’s us!

Quote request

Vos Transport is your partner for transport to and from Scandinavia. Are you curious about what we can do for you or would you like to request a quote right away? Feel free to contact us.

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