YES, our company video is ready! Check it out. We are proud of it!

19 - 03 - 2019

Finally it’s ready and we can proudly share our corporate video with you.

Hard work has been done to create this video over the past year and it may seem so easy, but in these times of privacy and high security requirements at the various locations, there is often a lot to be arranged for filming.

For example, thanks to the support of our Shortsea partner Unifeeder. Thanks to them we were able to film in the port of Rotterdam. Late in the evening upon arrival of the Pachuca, the captain only had a different idea about this and after a long conversation with a few tough sailors, we were finally allowed to film and eventually they even helped us a lot and we were able to make beautiful footage.

We want to thank the involved customers, transport partners and Apex Audio Visuals for the great result.

Get to know Vos Transport, our branches, colleagues, activities and transport solutions in 6 minutes via the link below.

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