First Iveco trucks for Vos Transport Group

06 - 12 - 2021

Two new IVECOs of the type S-WAY with the credo YOUR HOME AWAY FROM HOME have been taken into use at the location in Deventer. With a brand new cab, and according to the supplier excellent fuel efficiency and advanced technology and connectivity, this is a nice addition to the fleet for Vos Transport. The tractor is designed to offer drivers an excellent life on board and, according to Iveco, offers a winning solution to the company through its competitiveness and Total Cost of Ownership.

The tractor is designed according to the needs of the driver and that is important to Vos. It is spacious and rich in comfort features and advanced technologies. The IVECO S-WAY is 100% connected which is interesting for fleet management. Thanks to the advanced connectivity, the drivers are always in contact with their fleet manager, IVECO support specialists and dealer network, so that if necessary they can switch quickly.

We make use of High SCR. This means that the engine is cleaned (based on the emission requirements) with ONLY AdBlue and there is no regeneration.
Also, the tractor has all the necessary safety features and meets the latest “crash test”.
We have very high expectations because of what we have been told and will test with these two tractors whether these expectations are met. Although ”Jules Menheere. Managing Director of the Vos Transport Group.”

After about one month the official IVECO Driver Training takes place on the basis of learning on the job. The IVECO Driver Academy provides the drivers with tips & tricks to optimise their use and increase driver comfort. This guarantees safe, pleasant and economical kilometers. This fits in well with the driver training program of the Vos Transport Group, in which fuel-efficient kilometers and therefore a minimum of CO2 emission are an important point of attention.

Besides the sustainable character, the tractors also fit within the company philosophy to let drivers drive a tractor they are proud of as much as possible. We have Daf, Scania and Mercedes fans and if these Iveco tractors perform as expected we will also be able to serve our Iveco fans. That way they can be extra proud on the road. We see the fact that our employees can hit the road with a good feeling and thus reach the customers as an important starting point for the coming years. Jules Menheere says.

Through their years of expertise in the market, Vos fulfills an important link in the supply chain of many renowned clients with its sustainable transport solutions. Vos Transport Group provides warehousing and transport to and from Great Britain, the Benelux, Germany, France and Scandinavia. Together with the client we look at the complete supply chain to organize it as optimal as possible.


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