Vos Deventer first European operating transporter with three Lean & Green Stars

06 - 03 - 2020

This time not at a big event, but just at home in Deventer. Representatives of the Lean & Green program visited Vos in Deventer today to award us with the 3rd Lean & Green Star. A unique achievement that at this moment only 10 companies can say and where Vos is the 1st European operating road transporter. The leading sustainability program now runs in 13 European countries and outside of Europe there is increasing attention of countries how are willing to participate to this program.

All present staff were invited to attend the ceremony. After an interesting introduction by Dirk van de Lee and Alex Matatula about the Lean & Green program and the active contribution of Vos to this program, the festival was started. “” Proud to celebrate this with so much of my employees. They have ensured this top performance. Jules Menheere Managing Director said. ”


Vos transport drie sterren

Vos transport drie sterren

Vos Transport was one of the first companies in Europe who has received the Lean & Green Award already in 2010. In 2013, Vos received the 1st Star for 20.7% CO2 savings. In 2017 they received the 2nd Star and since that year the location in Deventer has been energy neutral. The company has now saved another 9.5% CO2 compared to 2017. In total the saving is above 35%! An unique achievement according to both organizations.

Will this remain for the ambitious transport company from Deventer our will they continue? Off course we will go one where the words of Roy van Verseveld responsible Manager for this program within Vos. We continue to look for opportunities to become more sustainable. We exploring our options in the field of electric and hydrogen transport solutions. In the case of Hydrogen we are working on a very interesting project, which will be followed by more information soon. I am personally involved in this, just like the Talking Traffic program and the opening of our own container terminal in Deventer. With all these programs, a lot of CO2 reduction is still possible. One with alternative fuels and the other with a smarter approach to logistics itself and traffic conditions. To introduce the Vos staff to hydrogen, the Aurora 2 was also present in Deventer. This is the flashy car which made Green Team Twente World Champion.

Green team      Vos transport drie sterren

What is Lean & Green Europe?

Lean & Green Europe is the leading European sustainable logistics program. For concrete results in CO₂ reduction, companies are recognized with a Lean & Green Award or Star. A minimum 20% CO₂ reduction results in the first Lean & Green Star and at the end 5 Lean & Green Stars symbolizes the ultimate goal: zero emission. A necessary step towards zero emissions is to reduce inefficiency in the chain. In this way, companies make an important contribution to the Factor 6 climate objective for logistics: by 2050, logistics must have increased its productivity by a factor of 6 compared to 1990. That Vos Transport is on track and that the company is a front runner is clear from all figures and it shows the company is therefore on track to achieve the climate targets of Paris.

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