Safety and Environment

How does Vos Transport deal with safety and environment?

1. Involvement, leadership and responsibility
We accept our responsibility in the field of safety and environment by setting measurable and attainable goals. We also demand involved and responsible employees.

2.Health, Safety and Environmental Management
As management, we contribute to health, safety, and environmental procedures which relate to our employees and clients. For this, we use effective means of communication.

3. Risk management
We map risks which are related to our activities. This risk management is a core element of our strategy. In this way, we create a safe and environmental friendly environment for our employees.

4.Crisis management
In case of accidents or incidents we take (emergency) measures which enable us to guarantee the safety of our employees and to reduce the consequences for the environment to a minimum.

5. Research and analysis of incidents
In the case of accidents or incidents, we investigate the causes in order to be able to take precautionary measures.

6. Information, instruction, training, and supervision
We instruct and train our employees in order to create a safe working environment for both themselves and others.

7. Protection of the environment
We take our responsibility to burden the environment as less as possible.