Quality & CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the most important pillars within our organization. Literally, this translates into business operations in which ecological conditions are respected, along side with consideration for our clients and employees. At the same time, we guarantee the quality of our services at all time.

Socially responsible entrepreneurship is in our blood and we pass it on through the entire organization. From loading our trucs to the actual delivery, every single day.

Our goal

We set our goal to optimize our quality, health, safety, and environmental goals every single day. We do this at all levels of our organization. In relation to our employees, we feel the responsibility to take care of the transfer of knowledge in this area. This way, we can optimize our business operations and create involvement with our employees.

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Vos is TAPA certified. With a TAPA certificate, we take preventative measures to secure our loads against theft. Furthermore, VOS is invested in Quality, Safety/Security, Health and Environment (KVGM in Dutch). Our goals are to:

  • meet the wishes of our clients;
  • handle KVGM with great responsibility;
  • comply to all laws and regulations;
  • define KVGM purposes and live up to them;
  • promote durability and sustainability, and minimize our carbon footprint.
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More information

Are you looking for more information regarding our policy and the possibilities we can offer you in sustainable and high-quality transport? Do you have any questions? Contact us at any time. VOS Transport looks forward to working together on a sustainable future!

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