CO₂ neutral transport

VOS Transport has been a European transport specialist for over 75 years. As a leading transport company you have to mind the environment. That’s why, over the years, we’ve been focussing on several sustainability projects to reduce CO₂ emission worldwide. For example, we’ve been conducting research on the possibility of CO₂ neutral transport for years. For this reason, we now offer our clients the opportunity to transport completely CO₂ neutral. Every single ride.

Your sustainable distribution partner

Are you looking for a quick, efficient and sustainable distribution partner? VOS Transport is here for you. We offer you the possibility to complete CO₂ neutral transport. This is possible thanks to the collaboration with our fuel supplier. We offer you the choice to reduce your own carbon footprint. In exchange, you pay a small contribution and because of it, we compensatie your CO₂ emission. We compensate all CO₂ that is released as a consequence of the combustion in the motor of our trucs. Including the CO₂ emission in the extraction of rough fuels and the refining process. This compensation is realized by investing in international and certified CO₂ compensation projects that prevent deforestation and plant new trees. This way, your carbon footprint is erased completely at the end of the road!

Lean en green stars

CO₂ neutral transporting and operating

It isn’t just possible to transport completely CO₂ neutral with VOS Transport; we contribute to a sustainable environment in more ways. In 2016 we expanded our distribution centre in Deventer with 1300 solar panels. Because of this, our office is CO₂ neutral for most of the year. Furthermore, we are committed to several sustainability initiatives, like intermodal transport and the use of alternative fuels. In 2018 we received the certificate for the third Lean & Green Star as a reward for all of our hard work and dedication. VOS Transport is the first internationally operating road transporter in Europe with this title.

CO₂ neutral: what’s in it for you?

The environment and durability are two of the most important pillars for VOS Transport. We try to limit the environmental impact by offering our clients the possibility of CO₂ neutral transport. This is beneficial for you, too, because you’re able to reduce the carbon footprint of yourself and your company. Do you want to know what VOS Transport can do for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our professionals are eager to advise you in CO₂ neutral transport.