Tapa certified

Vos has obtained a TAPA certification in order to respond to changing customer requirements. This certification is intended to provide and ensure a standardized level of security for our customers. With TAPA, preventive measures – which contribute to protect cargo against theft – have been introduced. This means business processes with regard to security are designed in such a way that it meets these security requirements at TSR3 level. TAPA TSR3 determines that the fleet, personnel and terrain meet specific requirements. For example, SCM approved alarm, fleet equipment, training and screening of personnel, controlled access with surveillance and CCTV. In practice, this means that the requirements for the security level are determined in consultation with the customer comply. For example, a risk analysis is made on the routes and the security level in consultation with the customer. This means that the following points, among others, are discussed:

  • Screening of secure car parks and stopovers
  • Security level assessment of terminals and crossings
  • Assigning specific instructions to operation and driver
  • Conducting a so-called “pre-departure” check
  • Screening and training of personnel, including via E-Learning
  • Securing and storing information
  • Escalation procedure in case of unusual situations and deviations
  • Equipment level of vehicles and tracking systems

This list is not exhaustive but gives an insight into which aspects contribute to the security of our transport. TAPA is not standard and is usually set up at the request of our customers.

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